Our History - Double Back Ranch

Driving through the state of Texas, it is not uncommon to see many small towns decorating the countryside. Many of them are farming communities established in the mid-19th century that have not grown much since. One such place is the town of St. Hedwig. With a population of 1,443, St. Hedwig has stood in east Bexar County since 1855.

The St. Hedwig Volunteer Fire Department is definitely an important part of the small town. The town got its first fire truck in 1942, sixteen years before it got its firehouse in 1958. Since then, they have got a new fire house and new trucks. The station responds to approximately 60 fires a year, mostly brush fires, as well as about 50 EMS calls. They also help various organizations such as the Catholic Youth Organization and American Legion with fund-raising efforts. The department itself is funded by annual dues and money collected at their annual picnic, as well as funds from Bexar County. Until 15 years ago, Mayor Albert Strelczyk was the fire chief. Now his son, Albert Jr. carries that title.

Today, the only two-story structures in St. Hedwig are the occasional modern homes. There are a few important structures, however, which the town centers around. Of course the church is the center of this originally all-Catholic community. The school house, which served as a primary school under the instruction of nuns until 1969, is now the location of Christian education, or catechism, classes. Other focal points include the town social club, the feed store, general store, dance hall, American Legion Post and hall, fire department, post office, and convenience store.

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